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Our Philosophy

We enjoy the challenge of finding the most compelling ways to reach your target audience. We grow new brands, launch start ups and reinvigorate established brands by working side by side with our client team.

We focus on what it takes to develop your brand in the appropriate way for you. At AGW Idea Group, we bring together the right talent and the right individuals for each client and for each project - customizing our team to best achieve your objectives.

We believe success is measured by building your brand and selling your product and by measurable RESULTS.

Our Approach

BRACEE for Success with AGW’s 360° Approach

Brand Immersion and Discovery: Listen and learn and become as smart as we can about your brand. We review your current materials and any research you have and uncover key learnings.

Research: After discovery we determine what else we need to know and then recommend the research tools necessary to further evaluate and grow your brand. Qualitative: focus groups, one on ones, triads, ethnography. Quantitative: brand tracking, survey, questionnaire. Or a combination of both based on what is already known and available and needed.

Action/Strategy/Plan: A road map including brand goals, marketing objectives, brand positioning and creative brief with target audience, key insight, key messaging and support, brand character and personality is developed for all team members to use.

Creative Development: Concepts, ideas and all media neutral solutions are considered and then nurtured and refined – all with team member input as we go.

Execute and Implement: We make the ads, the logos, the marketing communication materials – whatever solution is needed in whatever medium we execute and deliver through production.

Evaluate: What works? What doesn’t and why? We adapt, expand and move as needed to make sure we are focused on results as your brand evolves.

AGW Founder's Story

Founder’s Story

With over 20 years of global advertising and marketing experience in B2B, retail and consumer packaged goods, the blueprint of our work is formulated to make the cash register ring! We have served up campaigns from Fortune 500 brands to neighborhood start-up businesses, sharing our experience on both a global and local level.

After years of working on top brands such as Kraft Foods, Sears, Wal-Mart Sam’s Club, Midas, Sara Lee Hillshire Farms, Alberto Culver and Beltone, to name a few, I began AGW Idea Group as a way to offer businesses the same expertise in a cost effective manner. We enjoy working closely with our clients, fostering those relationships and ultimately increasing their business goals.

My first career experience was at Arthur Andersen where as a marketing consultant (right out of Northwestern Medill MSA program – now IMC) I learned the value of getting results and metrics and accountability. I took this experience to my first agency job as an account executive at O&M Chicago.

    “We’re dedicated to creating compelling messaging and integrated marketing solutions that fit your business model.”

It was here where I saw the pictures of the old fashioned cash registers lining the hallway to be a reminder that our job was to make the cash register ring. With Sears as one of my very first clients, this was an everyday goal and challenge we all embraced. This idea stayed with me in my retail and CPG client experiences.

I moved on to other agencies to expand my client experience and was surrounded by and worked with the best of the best not only at O&M but Bozell, J. Walter Thompson, EURO RSCG (now Havas). I ran the training program at Bozell and was also the training director at O&M, and while there I created the integrated marketing training program side by side with NU faculty.

These experiences allowed me to create AGW Idea Group and for that I am grateful!

At AGW Idea Group, we are dedicated to creating compelling messaging and integrated marketing solutions that fit your business model. AGW is focused on driving results in a thoughtful, integrated manner. We prefer to work as an extended branch of your brand and infusing consistent messaging throughout all marketing and communication strategies.

AGW Idea Group is comprised by a diverse team of marketing, communication professionals who come from a wide range of experiences. Our professional consultants provide strategic interactive marketing, public relations, brand positioning and creative concepting to companies and brands of all sectors. We firmly believe great business solutions come from solid understanding of the brand and consumer insight. Through this analysis, we work to develop creative ideas that make you stand out from the crowd and help implement marketing initiatives unparalleled by your competitors. We then execute flawlessly!

In summary we:

  • Build brands from the ground up, reinvigorate venerable brands, large and small across diverse industries
  • Offer Strategic Planning and Analysis by brand type and structure
  • Conduct research project design and execution as appropriate
  • Create impactful, media neutral communications
  • Grow your business with creative business ideas and deliver implementation programs
  • Cost effectively develop and produce creative from a local to a national level

Please take a moment to view our portfolio and case studies. We look forward to helping find solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

With Gratitude,
Athena Golianis

CEO and Founder of AGW Idea Group