Case Study:
Beltone First™

A Revolutionary Hearing Aid Made for iPhone


New product launch

The Situation

• Beltone an innovative leader in hearing care technology created the first hearing aid that works directly with your iOS devices. Beltone First hearing aids offer direct stereo-sound streaming from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• Wearers get easy access to sound, information, entertainment, and communication - all while controlling Beltone First from their iOS device.
• The opportunity exists to get this target growing target group 50+ who use currently use iPhones (growing segment) to try this new leading edge technology.
• The decision to purchase a hearing care instrument is a long - seven year on average - process.
• The denial to purchase is called the ‘river of molasses’ as it takes time to move consumers to action. it is a time of fear and there is desire to find a trusted source for this high end (over $3,000 on average) purchase.
• There are stigmas associated with the need to have a hearing aid which contribute to the slow purchasing time period.
• There is also a vanity issue of not wanting the device to be visible. Purchasers are more likely to purchase a hearing product if it is “virtually invisible”.
• This device is like wireless headphones and can be connected directly to your iPhone so that it goes undetected while using to talk on phone, watch movies, listen to voicemail as you typically use your smart phone.
• This device helps to overcome the stigmas and can attract a new younger user segment.
• In addition to creating buzz and awareness about this new product and technology story there is a need to find a way to entice consumers to call 1-800 Beltone to set up an appointment and motivate consumers to go to local Beltone retail store to purchase.

The Creative Business Idea and Solution

• An integrated retail traffic driving and brand building campaign for the launch.
• Convince consumers to come into Beltone and participate in a free technology TRIAL with no risk and no purchase required with consumer focused retail TV campaign.
• Launch the newest and latest technology with accompanying product launch TV spot for Beltone FIRST and print ad with Trial offer.
• Provide a 1-800 number for consumers to call and inquire and to get consumers into dispensers on a national basis.
• Demonstrate the revolutionary technology by highlighting use of product and connectivity with iPhone in both retail and branding spot and print and collateral.
• Offer event marketing programs at Apple locations across key markets to demonstrate new technology and interface with iOS technology.

Print Ad: Trial Offer

Social Media Branding

The Results

• Campaign launched in Q2 and generated increased call volume at launch.
• The campaign continues to run in 2014 with TRIAL offer consistently using the branding elements.
• New users brought into category.
• Event marketing continuing in key markets.